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Pay as you go

$10 per class

• Try any or all groups on the house, before you make a commitment!

Unlimited Monthly groups

$75 per month

• No Gym Memberships Ever


Elite Toning

Concentrates on balance, posture, and body toning.

Monday-Friday, 10 am

Core & More

Full-body strength and toning workout using dumbbells, stability and medicine balls, and resistance bands.

Monday and Wednesday, 5 pm Tuesday and Thursday, 6 pm Saturday, 9 am

Superhero Power Station Circuit

Training incorporating both free weights and machines.

Monday, 4 pm and 6 pm
Tuesday, 5 pm
Wednesday, 4 pm
Saturday, 10 am


Dance an hour away! Great music and dance steps.

Thursday, 11 am

Step Aerobics

If you liked it in the 80’s, you’re gonna love it now!

Wednesday, 6 pm
Friday, 4 pm
Sunday, 10 am


BAR-LESS BARRE – A mix of weights, balls, and balance moves designed to lengthen and strengthen the body using small moves. Tones and tightens the entire body. Variations are given to give you your best workout.
TRX – Bodyweight workout using the straps to add resistance. Your position makes the moves easier or more advanced. Great for all levels of fitness.
BODY COMBAT – Fun empowering Cardio workout strongly influenced by Martial arts examples Boxing and Karate.
TOTAL BODY BURN – Moderate to High-Intensity group incorporating Dumbells and Kettle Bells which Mixes Pyramid Training. AMRAP (As Many Reps as Possible to Achieve Results Fast.)
BUTTS & GUTTS – Special focus Group for your Lower Body, Sculpt, Shape and Strengthen your Abdominal, Buttock, and Thigh Muscles.
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