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About Ilene


If you're reading my story... I'm sure you are looking for some kind of a connection. 

I’m 60 years old, and have struggled with weight issues for over 40 years. I’ve lost and gained over 500 lbs. during that time. I knew how to diet, but never knew how to successfully maintain a healthy body weight. I was never a big fan of any kind of exercise, which didn’t help my situation. Years ago, women usually only did cardio-type workouts.

I once went from a size 2 to a 22 in under a year. Up and down the scale I would go. I was a slave to the number on that damn scale.

Six years ago, I couldn’t stand looking in the mirror. I didn’t want to go out or meet people, and forget about clothes shopping. I needed something different. No more crazy diets.

Before & After

I charted what I call my RED LIGHT, YELLOW LIGHT, and GREEN LIGHT FOODS. I took off 78 lbs. I knew that my journey wasn’t over yet.
I decided to try the gym one more time. I made a decision to give myself 6 MONTHS, NO EXCUSES. I was DETERMINED to see if I had ONE MORE COMEBACK IN ME.

Wow – in 3 months doing WEIGHT TRAINING, I started to see a difference. Not only in my appearance, but also in my overall attitude toward life.

I made a decision to become a personal trainer. I needed to learn what really works for women. This new knowledge was something I knew I needed to share with other women who didn’t feel that they too had A COMEBACK IN THEM. So, I started a new chapter in my life.

I moved from New York to Florida. I hit the pavement and found a gym where I could do one-on-one training. I knew that most women went to gyms and hit the treadmill. They never thought of lifting weights as their fitness routine. I am so grateful for all the women who are now not only clients, but friends.
I then started doing groups called CORE AND MORE. Now these groups are also available virtually. It has been a fabulous addition for anyone who wants to feel better about themselves.

Being strong and toned at any age is so EMPOWERING. My one wish is that after you read this, and you stop nodding your head in agreement, you reach out to me…